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Welcome To Day 4

Anxiety About Work

Daily Audiobook: Tips for Overcoming Anxiety 

Unlock Your Inner Calm: A Guide to Managing Anxiety and Stress at Work

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Discover the Sharing Is Caring Program

Sharing isn't only an act of love and caring - it can have tangible, real-world benefits!

By sharing Simplized Health with other people, you can unlock the community for free (and a whole range of other benefits).

Here’s how:

  • Every time you share your experience in the comments on our YouTube videos, we enter your name into a prize draw (you get up to 10 entries).

  • When you share our Balance Wheel Health course we reduce your membership cost. With enough shares, you’ll get a 19-year membership to Simplized Health for FREE!

  • Every purchase of Simplized Health gives 50% of the proceeds to charity. Full members can even nominate their own supported charities to receive a permanent fundraising system at no cost.

So let's all take care of each other and spread the joy of sharing - this is something that everyone should be part of!

Are You Struggling To Create Balance In Your Chaotic Life?

With the relentless pace of the day-to-day and with so much conflicting advice online, it’s hard to know where to start with your health journey.

You want to:

  • Defeat bad habits

  • Eat a nutritious diet and get more exercise

  • Be mentally and physically ready to reach your goals

  • But generic, one-size-fits-all advice keeps you stuck.

    Real progress comes from tailored, transparent, and actionable health guidance…

    Better yet, if you surround yourself with people on the same journey as you, you’re more likely to see results - and feel genuinely understood in the process.

    There IS a path you can take to reach this stress-free, balanced, and joyful existence…


    The Simplized Health Community

    Your trusted partner on your journey toward a happy, anxiety-free, and healthy life

    Inspiring Courses

    Unlock 100s of courses to tackle insomnia, burn fat, eat healthier, build mental resilience, and so much more.

    Expert Guidance

    Receive tailored advice from our team of professionals, who are on hand to give you reliable resources.

    Community Support

    Join a unique community, who are ready to listen, offer their advice, and help you on your path to fulfillment.

    Empowering Courses To Guide You Back To Health

    Let's celebrate every person’s uniqueness!

    Simplized Health gives you access to 100s of courses so that you can tailor your journey.

    Check out this amazing selection of courses.

    This is a small sample of the courses and resources you unlock when you join the Simplized Health Community.

    Support From Leading Health Experts

    Get personalized guidance with…

  • Health resources from trustworthy professionals, curated by our MD consultant, Dr. Loy

  • Men's and Women's Health - receive in-depth medical information for standard and alternative treatments for various conditions.

  • Information designed to help you make the best decision for your health (but not replace professional medical advice).

  • Take the next step on your health journey, supported by experts with decades of experience.

    Don’t Walk Your Health Journey Alone

    Empower yourself with Simplized Health’s community.

  • Get accountability, tell your story, and join a community that thrives on healthy, balanced living

  • Join a unique support system in a community that embraces everyone who wants to lead a happy life.

  • Never feel lost by connecting with virtual groups and individuals facing the same challenges.

  • Walk your path back to balance with our community.

    When You Join Simplized Health You Will…

    • Embrace the power of self-love, the foundation of a balanced life. Tap into ancient wisdom and harness love as your own spiritual, emotional, and physical healer.

    • Recognize the power of your individuality and rediscover your harmony and balance, eliminate anxieties, become your true self, and watch how your self-love radiates to everyone around you.

    • Celebrate your uniqueness by embracing your mental and physical health needs to find your way back to a life you can love.

    • Unlock greater personal and professional achievements by restoring balance, finding happiness, and embracing self-love.

    • Be guided by your very own wellness partner. Dori O'Neill has 50 years of experience creating transformations for his clients.

    • Make a bigger impact with a community determined to make the world a healthier and happier place through the sharing of knowledge and charitable donations - promoting better health for all, not profit.

    Simplized Health Is Your Health Partner For Life

    State-of-the-Art Platform

    Create communities and share your journey with like-minded people and get the personalized support you need.

    Unbeatable Resources

    Live a happier and fuller life from an ever-growing selection of resources, curated by leading healthcare professionals.

    Access For Life

    Get unlimited access to all the materials and community you need to build a healthy and anxiety-free life now and forever.

    Anxiety Is A Harrowing Experience With High Treatment Costs Causing Even More Stress

    In mainstream medicine, profit takes precedence over care.

    To combat this, we created our Sharing Is Caring program so that everyone has access to all of the materials and courses inside the Simplized Health Membership area at an affordable price.

    Let’s work together and bring these life-changing concepts and advice to more people.

    You Deserve To Live Anxiety Free!

    Your Sharing Is Caring Options:

    Buy And Donate

    Join Simplized Health by investing $199.97 - 50% will go to charity

    Share A Little

    Share Simplized Health a little and enjoy your first level discount

    Share More

    Spread Simplized Health a little more and your discount will increase

    Share A Lot

    Share Simplized Health a lot and you'll receive a full Membership for FREE!

    Make A Difference

    The Sharing Is Caring Community Plan

    Charity of Choice Supporting the Children of Liberia Africa

    Supporting The Children Of Liberia Africa

    We're proud to support Bishop Murphy Jackson in his efforts to help bring food, water, and education to children in Liberia, Africa

    Critter Care

    Critter Care Wildlife Society

    Critter Care specializes in treatment, care & release of sick and injured animals in B.C, Canada, Washington, USA

    Non-profits are incredibly important – they form the backbone of communities all over the World, and they desperately need our help right now.

    That's why Simplized Health donates to non-profits like these.

    When you purchase from Balanced Wheel Health or Simplized Health, 50% of the sale will be allocated to 1 of 2 charities, or to any non-profit that's been nominated by a full member.

    Nominate Your Non-profit For A Cut Of The Sales

    As a full member of Simplized Health, you're invited to nominate an amazing non-profit organization that you love and support.

    If accepted as a registered non-profit, we'll provide them with access to our Sharing is Caring program. They'll be supported with custom tracking links and materials that they can share with their donors.

    To maximize their fundraising potential, we've included Viral sharing technology that will help spread awareness about the mission of your chosen non-profit!

    It's amazing - people get access to helpful information to find balance and improve their overall health; the charity gets more recognition for their cause; and they earn money too!

    Best of all, you get the deserved credit for helping those in need.

    Check Out Sharing Is Caring


    Lifetime Access Is Available For A Limited Time Only

    We’re switching to annual memberships very soon - so join Sharing Is Caring today!

    Unlock Sharing Is Caring Now

    From the Desk of Simplized Health Founder and CEO, Dori O'Neill:

    At Simplized Health, we understand the difficulty of people struggling with anxiety. You deserve to contribute and make a difference in our community.

    We want everyone to have an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution—whether it be with or without social interaction. With this in mind, we've developed something unique, called "sharing is caring."

    Here's how you can join in and do your part: You can anonymously post about things that have helped you find happiness and peace of mind. If you're feeling especially giving, nominate a charity that could benefit from our platform as a fundraiser. Every time someone purchases something through us or anyone you invite makes a purchase, part of the proceeds go to one of our many charitable partners.

    In other words, by becoming a member of Simplized Health, you'll automatically be contributing to the greater good!

    At Simplized Health, we understand the importance of leading a fulfilled life. Being part of our community allows you to enjoy the wonderful things life has to offer — like arresting feelings of anxiety, learning how to love yourself, overcoming social anxiety, avoiding procrastination, and living in a state of balance.

    With us by your side, it's easier than ever to reach joyfulness and contentment. Let us help you live life to its fullest!

    It's time to break out of loneliness and find the self-discovery that you deserve. With Simplized Health, you get the opportunity to better your life at your own pace in total privacy.

    We'll provide quality training and support so that you can confidently promote improved health and live life to its fullest. As the founder of Simplized Health, I guarantee our commitment - we'll do everything possible to make sure you gain the confidence needed for reaching your dreams!

    To your health,

    Dori O'Neill

    P.S. Wouldn't it be great to have a full 19 year membership for the price of one? That's right, if you join us today we're offering an incredible deal - you get 19 years of access to Simplized Health for the price of one! This amazing offer won't last forever, so make sure to sign up now and enjoy all the benefits of being a member.

    P.P.S. At Simplized Health, we believe that anyone should be able to access our services and live a healthy, happy, anxiety-free life. Because of this, we've eliminated the price barrier for entry with our "Sharing is Caring" program.

    Regular membership cost is only $199.97; however, by referring your friends and family to Simplized Health through Sharing is Caring you can dramatically reduce or even $199.97 eliminate that cost! We want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to enjoy our services and benefit from a healthy anxiety free lifestyle - don't miss out on this chance to elevate your wellbeing.

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    Frequently Answered Questions

    + Do you have health workshops?

    Yes, we have connections with over 20,000 health care professionals, across the United States and Canada. On a regular basis Simplized Health members will receive invitations to attend live workshops.

    + Can you answer specific questions about my medical condition?

    No. If you're dealing with a disease or other medical condition, you should always consult with your physician.

    + How long will the 19 year for the price of one membership offer for Simplized Health be available?

    To run the Simplized Health membership area and support our members is expensive. The 19-year offer will be withdrawn as soon as we reach a specific number of members. Once that milestone is achieved the offer will be removed without notice.

    + What is your refund policy?

    Because of our support for non-profits and our commitment to help them with their fundraising needs, we have a strict no-refund policy.

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