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Welcome to Simplized Health's

Anxiety in Children's 

Educational Resource Center

Discover the tools to help children of all ages find balance.

As a parent or caregiver, there's nothing more heart-wrenching than witnessing a child in distress from anxiety.

We all know how important it is for children to be given the opportunity to learn and grow - that takes hard work, dedication and resources.

To help out with this journey, Simplized Health has created Anxiety in Children's Educational Resource Center to give caregivers access to online learning materials geared towards different stages of development.

Whether your child is an infant or young adult, these materials aim to build meaningful educational foundations and ward off anxiety.

A Special Message About The Importance of Foundational Education

Anxiety in Children is an indication of an area of their life being out of balance. Today's audiobook helps identify these areas.

Simplized Health's Membership Area Has A Lot Of Resources

At Simplized Health, we understand that providing the necessary resources for a strong foundational education can be difficult, so we created this membership area to make those resources more accessible. Our goal is to assist families in finding the information they need to provide their children and teens with an advanced education. Here you'll find teaching guides, videos about autism and educational games for kids. We take your requests and suggestions seriously, and promise to do our best to add them in a timely manner. Your support means a lot to us; thank you for choosing Simplized Health!

Give Every Child a Head Start...

Core Resources For Children of All Ages

Children Learn Reading

Click Here To Discover How Your Child Can Learn To Read Starting At Two

Tuttle Twins

Click Here-Learn Why So Many Parents, Caregivers Love Tuttle Twins

Kids Teens Math More

Click Here for Educational Resources For toddlers, children and teens

Simplized Health

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Children Learning Reading - The miracle reading program for children starting at two years of age.

Do you want your child to get the best head start they can in life? Look no further than "Children Learning Reading"! With this amazing resource, you'll be able to begin the proud journey of teaching your little ones how to read as young as two years old. What are you waiting for? Click the link and discover "Children Learning Reading" today!

Tuttle Twins reading experience teaching your child real-world values that the schools and the education system refuse to do.

Learning about the world doesn't have to be boring! The "Tuttle Twins" series makes it exciting, engaging, and fun with its edutainment format. Kids won't even realize they're picking up on core truths about society. Schools can't hold a candle to the Tuttle Twins when it comes to teaching children - let their journey of discovery begin!

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